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Stolen Wheelbarrow

April 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 29, 1927

Stolen Wheelbarrow

“You understand that you have no right to take other people’s property. We are loath to convict you in view of your pension, and you will be bound over in 40 shillings for 12 months.”

said Mr W Dyson, chairman of the Bench at Rotherham West Riding Police Court on Monday  to Thomas Fisher (49) brick setter, of 11, Wentworth Rd, Kilnhurst, when Fisher was charged with having stolen a wheelbarrow, value 15 shillings, the property of Stewart and Lloyds, colliery proprietors, of Kilnhurst, on a April 21st.

He pleaded not guilty.

George Fanshawe, clerk in the employ of Stuart and Lloyd, said that on April 21 he was shown a wheelbarrow, which he regarded as a property of the employers. It had the stamp of Stuart and Lloyds initials on it, but these had been scraped off.

PC Walker said he saw defendant, and told him he was making enquiries about the theft of a wheelbarrow from Stuart and Lloyds, and he thought  defendant knew something about it. Defendant replied, “I’ll tell the truth about it; I took it from behind the brick kiln.”

Defendant then brought out the barrow which was identical to the one stolen from Stewart and Lloyds. Witness then charged him with the offence, to which defendant made no reply.

Defendant denied that he stole the barrel from Stewart and Lloyds, and said he found the framework on the scrapheap at the Kilnhurst brickworks. He had constructed the body himself and put a new wheel on.

“Do you think I am going to be done out my pension for the sake of being a thief?” asked prisoner who said, he was getting an army pension of 12 shillings a week.

The magistrate took into consideration what prisoner had said with regard to the pension, and he was bound over as stated.