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Soldier – Gray D.T. – Wounded in France

August 1916

Mexborough & Swinton Times – August 12, 1916

Private D.T. Gray (K.O.Y.L.I.)

Private Gray is wounded and in hospital, but no news is to hand concerning the nature of his wounds. He was wounded on the 12th July, and his relatives are getting anxious to hear of him.

He enlisted in October 1914 and was sent out to France nearly straight away. He spent several months in France, where he was taken ill with trench foot. He was sent back to England and had a narrow escape of having his foot taken off. He, however pulled round, and after several months in England he went back to France in December 1915.

He has seen plenty of fighting. He wrote home to say their company were the first over the parapet ion July 1st, nd how he escaped was a miracle.