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Kilnhurst “Limerick” Competition – Pig as Prize

September 1907

Sheffield Evening Telegraph September 2, 1907

A Kilnhurst “Limerick” competition
Pig as Prize

Harvey Taylor, Sexton at the Kilnhurst Parish Church was fined five shillings and costs at Rotherham today from committed a breach of the Swine Movement Order on August 24.

The defender bought a pig at the Doncaster Market, and obtained an order which authorised him to remove it to his own premises at Kilnhurst..

Instead of taking the animal to that address he left it at the Kilnhurst Vicarage, where it remained until the 29th.

On this latter-day a bazaar was held in connection with the Kilnhurst Parish Church, and the pig was awarded as a prize in a “Limerick” competition.