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“Iron” Hague’s fights with the ‘Raw Uns’

April 1909

Sheffield Evening Telegraph, April 16, 1909

“Iron” Hague’s fights with the ‘Raw Uns’

Before ““Iron”s” first match for money under regular conditions he fought a battle with the ‘raw uns’ for the imposing stake of half a sovereign aside.

One morning at Mexborough there was a football match between Mexborough Town and Kilnhurst. Excitement ran high and “Iron”, who was present as a spectator, shared in the infection, the result being a quarrel, and an exchange of blows between himself and the Kilnhurst supporter, who was as big as “Iron”, a good deal older, and greatly fancied Kilnhurst way as a boxer.

Friends interfere to prevent a fracas, but after the game, an agreement was made for the pair to fight to a finish for half a sovereign A-side. The battle took place on Sunday morning at Hooton Roberts, and was conducted in the old style.

The Kilnhurst man lasted for 23 rounds, when his friends took their sadly damaged champion home.

““Iron”” came out of the encounter with barely a mark on him.