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How She Talked at Home

November 1910

Sheffield Evening Telegraph November 7, 1910

How She Talked at Home

John Tom Law, of Kilnhurst, was today at the Rotherham West Riding summoned for threatening his wife who asked for a separation order.

The trouble arose in October 29.

There was some amusement imported into the case of the very voluble way in which Mrs Law gave evidence. When she had proceeded some little way with her story, the assistant magistrates Clerk meekly suggested that she should tell the Bench what her husband had done.

“Yes I am coming to that,” was a response. She was 62 years old, and had 18 children. She was married to the defendant 36 years ago.

Once when she was pulled up for the irrelevancy of her statement to explain, “Well, I want this case finished today,” an observation in which Mr Gichard, who represented the defendant, readily acquiesced.

“Do you talk to him like this at home?” Inquired Mr Gichard, and received the prompt answer, “I talk to him like that.” (Laughter.)

The case was dismissed.