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Dogfight and Manfight

Sheffield Independent May 4, 1839

Jon Stead and William Hunter were charged, along with two other persons who did not appear, with a breach of the peace at Kilnhurst.

James Taylor said, that on Monday, there was a dogfight at Kilnhurst, which was succeeded by a fight between two men.

The constable having suffered the amputation of his left arm a few weeks ago, could not exert himself actively to preserve the peace, but gave Taylor a staff, and charged him in the Queens name, to assist. Taylor did so, and separating the combatants, but was struck by both defendants, by one with a stone, by the other with a stick.

The witness was cross-examined by Mr Badger, to show that the stone was thrown, not at him, but at the dogs, and that Taylor had been an active abettor of the dogfight, and had laid wages as the result.

Taylor denied this, and his evidence being confirmed by the constable, the defendants were convicted in the penalty of 21s 6d, including cost, or to be committed for one month each.