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Brutal Assault

December 1840

Sheffield Independent December 26 1840

Brutal Assault

James Greaves, of Kilnhurst, was summoned, along with a man named Morton for assaulting Thomas Stones on December 8.

Mr Joseph Badger appeared for the complainant, and Mr Thomas Badger for the defendant.

Mr T Badger apply to have the case adjourned for a fortnight, stating that the defendant Morton was ill and unable to appear. It was arranged that the case, as against Morton, should stand over, but it proceeded against the other defendant.

Stone stated that, on the evening of the 8th instant, he was at Greaves public house, when, in consequence of something which displeased Greaves, he struck him and knocked him down, in the presence of persons who were then sat in the house.

Complainant, on getting up, ran out of the house, and was followed by Greaves, who overtook him at the house door, knocking him down, and abusing in there and savagely bit a piece from his lip.

Cross-examined by Mr T Badger: He did not charge me with having taken some pork. I might, in the scuffle, torn Greaves shirt sleeve. Greaves assaulted me because I said that he had lost a wager which he had been betting.

A man who was present, and saw Greaves bite the lip of the complainant, and saw both Greaves and Morton kick and abuse him, was called and corroborated the complainant statement.

A certificate from Mr Shearman was put in, stating that the man’s lip had been so severely bitten as to render it impossible to bring it to its natural state again.

A woman was then called, who stated that she was brought to the place by the scream of “Murder!” from the complainant, and saw Greaves holding him, and someone punching him; but they threw dirt in her eyes, and she could not say positively who it was.

The complainant’s wife and witness tried to pull Greaves off the complainant.

Greaves said that he had missed some pork, and suspected the complainant of having stolen it.

Mr H Walker said that, even if the complainant had been guilty of a theft, an attack so savage and unmanly would be unjustifiable.

He was convicted in a penalty, including costs of £5.