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Soldier – Baker A.E. – Not Dead – Kilnhurst Organist POW

March 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 24, 1917

Not Dead
Kilnhurst Organist a Prisoner of War

Private A.E. Baker (York & Lancs)

son of Mr & Mrs Charles Baker, of 22 Oxford Street, Roman Terrace, Swinton, organist at the Kilnhurst Parish Church, and former deputy organist at the Mexborough Parish Church, was some months ago officially reported missing, and believed killed, after an engagement on the British front in Macedonia.

His parents however, have prosecuted enquiries in several directions, and this week received an intimation from the International Red Cross Committee at Geneva that their son was ascertained to be a prisoner of war in Bulgaria. The letter is as follows:

“Dear Madame,
Referring to our letter to you respcting your son, Private A.E. Baker, Salonika Forces, we now beg to inform you that we have received information from Sofia, 28/2/17, that he is interned at the Depots de Prisonniers de Guerre at Plosdiv, Phillipopolis, Bolgaria.
He uis rteported to be in good ghealth

We are , madame, yours faithfully
Comite Internationale de Croix Rouge, Geneva